My RN Player – a remix of Ana Free’s track”Wake Up Call”

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” title=”My RN Player – a remix of Ana Free’s track”Wake Up Call””>My RN Player – a remix of Ana Free’s track”Wake Up Call”

As the title says. ┬áListen, relax in it’s delightfulness, and leave any comments (nay suggestions) if needs be.


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Just Another Ship Floating Out To Sea, I Guess

Went to a little get-together (okay, an opening) for a new venture based here in Bega, but serving the entire Shire called “CoWS on the Coast” – or something like that. Anyway, what they hope to achieve through this is to bring together all of the people developing IT & communications products and services – some from their own homes – into one big “Dragon’s Den”-type collaboration as one of the founders called it, and promote and formulate ways of expanding upon the opportunities to develop and grow ICT in the area, amongst the young and the more well-established in the region, and keep them here rather than having to the metropolitan areas near the City.
I went there more as a networking opportunity, and to shop myself around in terms of employment. Met a few nice people who had a few suggestions, but the gist of it all was to keep looking and eventually something will come up. Especially as the chance to work at Accent Computers has fallen through after the first interview seemingly because I can’t get my driver’s license on medical grounds. Hopefully something like what I did today will bear much more juicy fruit than what these ventures have. Got to be very positive in my life.

Oh, and by the way, Andrew Constance turned up to cut the ribbon for the opening. It was my third time being in the same vicinity as him. First time came when I was living in Tilba Tilba (about an hour’s drive North of Bega) and my Mum talked to him regarding support services for my very disabled step-sister, another time came on Australia Day when he turned up as the sitting Local Member for the Bega Valley Shire (State Level), and today as well. Haven’t said hello to him yet, but the time may come. Who knows.

That is all for my post today. To all and sundry, have an awesome weekend. I’ll be keeping my eyes on the Melbourne Vixens taking on the Northern Mystics in their opening round clash in the new ANZ Championship season. Should be a great one. It’s on this Sunday, and I can’t wait! Keep you posted on any news regarding this match. Bye for now.

The BenDemonator – A Message of Truth (DemonDark vs. Lonely Planet Remix)

A collection of images used courtesy of I have also used the track “SALCON” from the PC game “SuperTux” for the first 30 seconds of the video (intro).
I like animals, water and a combination of both. I guess “Tux the Penguin” fits into these categories as well!
I hope you enjoy watching my very first ever – official – music video.